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Please Don’t Kick Me Out

A podcast about nothing, and everything all at once. This inclusive podcast is about ‘imposter syndrome’, and exploring the idea that no one really feels like they belong. I will interview my friends and people that inspire me, to understand what success looks like to them. Does anyone really have it figured out?

Let’s find out.

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New Episodes Weekly

Released Every Monday

About Bianca


My name is Bianca Wulwick, and I am not your average human being. I am proudly non-binary, with pronouns She/Her/They/Them. Simply put, I am a gay man in a woman’s body, and damn proud fo it.

I am a former digital marketer turned content creator, who took the pandemic as a great gift instead of negative. I have always been a unique person, and have felt that I needed to change bits of myself to fit in. I also like to think I am Powerline, from “A Goofy Movie”.

I currently reside in Kapolei, Hawaii with my husband, and Cavalier King Charles named Bourdain. When I am not podcasting, I am obsessed with trash TV, my Peloton, Disney, and Drag Queens. I am passionate about pop culture, equality for all humans, and being a military spouse.

I have been featured as a guest on these podcasts! Feel free to get in touch about collaborations. You can also message me on I have also been added to a few roundups of favorite podcasts, and features roundup.


Bianca Wulwick 

Bianca Wulwick & Bourdain (Cavalier King Charles Spaniel)

Bianca Wulwick (She/Her/They/Them), content creator, and Bourdain the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Headshot By: Courtney Johnson


You get the impression that Bianca really cares about the subject and her guests. Like many, she started this podcast after the chaos of world events this year. What sets her particular podcast apart from the rest is the real honesty and openness during her interviews. She is easy to talk to and it comes across in each episode. It’s a very good listen, one of the best new podcasts this year.

— Michael Foster


Who doesn’t feel like they don’t belong? This podcast does a great job highlighting different careers and facets of people, showcasing the struggles in feeling they don’t belong. It is refreshing and relatable to hear that even the most successful feel like outsiders at times.

— Derek Galsband

Most Recent Episodes

Please Don’t Kick Me Out – Season 2 – Episode 3 – “Hey, I’m a kid!”, with Danielle (Chip) Lehman

This week's episode features Danielle (Chip) Lehman, a long-time friend of my husband, and all-around rad human. Chip and I discuss imposter syndrome, not fitting in, doing your best but coming up short, and that one time she shared the stage with William Hung. Chip...

Please Don’t Kick Me Out – Season 2 – Episode 2 – The Importance of Queer Themes in Young Adult Novels With Author, Joseph J Jordan

This week's episode features Joseph J Jordan, a UK-Based author, and creative. After a year of trying to get used to the new normal, living in a COVID world Joseph took the leap into the unknown and began a journey that would change his life forever. He first put pen...

Please Don’t Kick Me Out – Season 2 – Episode 1 – Is Coaching Necessary With Your ADHD Diagnosis? with ADHD Coach Ron

Aloha listeners! Welcome to Season 2. Episode 1 features ADHD Coach Ron, who I met on TikTok. Our shared love of nostalgia brought us together through a mutual love of Disney's "A Goofy Movie". Ron is an ADHD Coach, and in this episode, we discuss how he got into it,...

Please Don’t Kick Me Out – Episode 89 – Featuring Co-Host, Joenrhuz “JR” Tabanda from “The Time Capsule Show” Podcast

This week's guest is one of the co-hosts of The Time Capsule Show podcast, Joenrhuz "JR" Tabanda. In his words, "Everyone has a story. He has a story. She has a story. They have a story. What will YOUR story be?". We discuss the podcast they host, which I was lucky...

Please Don’t Kick Me Out – Episode 88 – Featuring Joe Walsh of the Podcast “How Do You Survive Your 20s?”

This week's episode features Joe Walsh, 1/2 of the brother-led duo of How Do You Survive Your 20s. Joe is an English teacher, who during the pandemic, had to teach his first year to students. We discuss the feeling of not fitting in, and I give him some solid advice...

Please Don’t Kick Me Out – Episode 87 – Featuring Dr. Nicole Tschierske

This week's episode features Dr. Nicole Tschierske. Nicole helps women in science and tech become recognized, go-to experts in their company and create bigger opportunities for themselves. If you want to progress without burning out, Nicole can help you develop your...

Please Don’t Kick Me Out – Episode 86 – Featuring Iconic New York Drag Queen, Linda Simpson

What can I say about Linda Simpson that others have not? Probably nothing. Linda Simpson is a well-known and iconic drag queen in New York City, best known for her documentarian role and photo-taking skills. Linda and I discuss fitting in, authenticity, and being a...

Please Don’t Kick Me Out – Episode 85 – Featuring Digital Marketing Badass, Monique Idemudia

Monique Idemudia is a passionate digital marketer, badass business babe, and SEO assassin. Monique started her company Dragon Digital Marketing to branch out on her skills and is passionate about helping businesses get the ultimate return on investment in their...

Please Don’t Kick Me Out – Episode 84 – Featuring DJ Rockstar Aaron, and Forbidden Bingo

This special episode features DJ Rockstar Aaron, DJ of Forbidden Bingo, which I play every Thursday. Aaron is the unofficial sponsor of this podcast, a club kid, a prolific DJ, and an all-around great human. We discuss their career, and next steps during this...

Pleased Don’t Kick Me Out – Episode 83 – Featuring Aman Agarwal

This week's episode features Aman Agarwal, an AI technology translator that is helping engineers and companies speak the same language when it comes to productivity and project management. Aman and I discuss all facets of life, including patience, resilience, and...

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