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Please Don’t Kick Me Out – Episode 18, Featuring Social Media Coach, Chelsea Peitz

Jul 20, 2020 | 0 comments

This week’s episode features Chelsea Peitz, a social media coach in the real estate sector. We discuss finding the right career fit, and what it means to feel imposter syndrome, as well as how to combat it. Imposter syndrome rears its ugly head in so many different ways for people, and I am happy to share Chelsea’s story. I am so grateful to get to share a different journey with you each week!
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My “Cool Shit” plug for the week is Giovannie, AKA, Just or @JustCreatedIt on Instagram. Just is a Jamaican-American artist that is spreading a message through street art and murals. Just is looking for donations, walls, and funding to continue his message. Connect with him on Instagram, and click the link in the bio to support him. Just is a gift to this world, and I am proud to share his art.
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About Please Don’t Kick Me Out: Please Don’t Kick Me Out is a podcast about nothing, and everything all at once. This podcast is about ‘imposter syndrome’, and exploring the idea that no one really feels like they belong. I will interview my friends and people that inspire me, to understand what success looks like to them. Does anyone really have it figured out? Let’s find out.

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