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Please Don’t Kick Me Out – Episode 77 – Featuring Artist, Creator & Long Time Friend, Serena Louise

Jul 17, 2021 | 0 comments

Serena Louise is a long-time friend of mine, and talented artist. She is just such a joy, and a gift in my life. I have known Serena since our freshman year of college (University of Northern Colorado), and she is just an utter delight. She has always seen me for me, and I have seen her for who she is. In doing this podcast for over a year, I have found that I have such a gift of seeing people for their character, and being a loyal friend. Serena feels imposter syndrome by just bumbling through life. I adore this interview. Did I mention it’s her birthday? Yes! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SERENA! Also, the shirts she mentions are at Pity Laugh.

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About Please Don’t Kick Me Out: Please Don’t Kick Me Out is a podcast about nothing, and everything all at once. This podcast is about imposter syndrome and exploring the idea that no one really feels like they belong. I will interview my friends and people that inspire me, to understand what success looks like to them. Does anyone really have it figured out? Let’s find out.

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